Member and Admin Support

Who are we?

Privilee is the award-winning lifestyle membership that provides complimentary access to the UAE’s and Qatar’s best beach clubs, five-star hotel pools and beaches, world-class gyms and fitness studios. Offering more than any other membership in the region, we are proud to have established Privilee as the leading lifestyle membership within the UAE. We are now looking for a new Member and Admin Support person who can support our customer service eorts on a day-to-day basis, delivering an exceptional experience to each of our members.

The Role

At Privilee, we're on a mission to provide exceptional support and care to our valued members. As we expand our Membership Support Team, we're seeking individuals who are exceptional communicators and understand the significance of delivering high-quality service. In this role, you will be the face of our company, serving as the front-line representative to ensure our members receive the warm, professional, and personalised support they deserve.


  • Inspire & educate customers: Excite customers with recommendations on how to best use their membership + Educate our members on how to make the most of their memberships and providing guidance
  • Handling member inquiries: Use your problem solving skills to handle member inquiries, find clear solutions, and escalate complex issues when needed to make sure our members are satisfied
  • Feedback collection: Act as the voice of our members by actively collecting and documenting their feedback and suggestions
  • Operations support: Responsible for eciently and promptly completing ad hoc tasks as they come. This includes addressing unexpected or unplanned assignments and ensuring they are handled in a timely and eective manner to maintain the smooth operation of the team
  • Partner support: Assisting our partners with member-related and tablet-related issues, ensuring partners receive consistent, high quality support, so we build trust and maintain strong relationships with them


  • Empathy: Being able to understand and share the feelings of members, showing that you genuinely care about their concerns
  • Patient: Willing to listen attentively to members' issues, even if they require a lot of time to explain or resolve.
  • Team player: Willing to collaborate with colleagues and support team members in a collective eort to provide quality service
  • Resilient: When faced with frustrated or unhappy members, swiftly recovering and regaining composure and professionalism.
  • Problem Solver: Capable of identifying issues, and finding practical solutions to address member inquiries or challenges


  • Minimum 2-3 years of sales or customer service experience
  • Basic administration skills
  • Excellent English speaker and writer
  • Arabic speaker is a plus
  • Weekend, early morning and evening shift work will be required

We are Privilee

By joining Privilee, you will be part of a passionate, dedicated and dynamic team; who are determined to create the ultimate lifestyle offering. Collaboration and the sharing of ideas is supported and empowered, contributing to our positive company culture. We care about people and want to support their personal and career growth. We consider success as being motivated and eager to come to work every day.

With an inspiring office environment located in JLT, Privilee is the ultimate place to work. We offer amazing perks, from a competitive salary, comprehensive insurance, flexibility, an in-house chef who provides complimentary breakfast and lunch, plus a Privilee membership so you can experience the product first-hand.

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